Welcome to home of the ʻAu I Nā Mokupuni ʻEkolu, Maui Nui Swim. It is with great enthusiasm that we announce Broken Boundary Brewery in Honolulu, Hawaii as our sponsor.

What can I say? Steve Minaglia and the expert Captain and crew of the Pualele offer a world class 3-day open water swim. It is set in an Island Paradise and begins with a genuine respect for the Hawaiian culture, is instilled with a passion for open water swimming and guided by a lifetime knowledge of the Hawaiian waters. This is an adventure worthy of its great name… Maui Nui.

I was lucky enough to share it with some of my best friends. We experienced conditions ranging from flat water to 8ft swell and white caps; Portuguese man-o-war and an ever-present assortment of jellies; big fish and little fish; currents that pushed you this way and that; and a sun that wouldn’t quit. Steve was in his element. Amy and Abby seemed bullet proof. Sarah was hammered by a Man-O-War on day one, but never slowed down. I hit the wall on day two with back problems and overheating… if it weren’t for the support of my friends… I’m not sure I would have made it. But I broke through the wall and on day 3, we all crushed it. This swim tests your teamwork, resolve and character. It may be set in paradise, but it is the real deal!!!

Who wouldn’t love that?

As a good friend of mine said, “It’s the stupidest fun ever!” Kirk Mc. ~ AKA Mongo

Mongo and the Mermaids ~ Maui Nui 2022


Swimming the three channels was one of the highlights of my life. It was definitely a challenging swim as Mother Nature threw us some wind, waves, and strong currents. I felt very safe as I was under Steve's (and the crew's) watchful eye.


The best partner is the one that keeps you swimming despite all obstacles. It is the one that causes you to think a lot less about yourself and a lot more about what is possible... -Steven Minaglia