Earn the Coveted Black Cap

ʻAu I Nā Mokupuni ʻEkolu Maui Nui Swim is a group event- invited swimmers swim tandem-solos across each channel with a single time recorded for each crossing.  The event committee aims to select swimmers of comparable ability and speed.  There is one escort boat and swimmers must stay together.  This 3-day 3-channel swim is for experienced swimmers only.  Those that apply and are accepted into the event must continue to furnish swimming benchmarks including distances and times to the event committee leading up to the event.  Ocean conditions vary greatly and swimmers must expect to swim more than the linear distances recorded for each channel.  In 2019, for example, swimmers swam over 36 miles (57.6 km) during the 3-day event due to strong currents.  The event has been run 7 times with 37 entrants to date and 33 completions.


Channel crossings are officially certified by the Hawaii Channel Association.  The Association’s rules must be strictly followed:

"Rules are simple, swim from shore to shore, start on land with no body of water behind, and end on land with no body of water beyond. You cannot start on a jetty or end on a jetty."

"No swim aids other than goggles are allowed, no flotation device or propulsive assistance."

"This means you cannot touch the boat or anything attached to the boat during the swim. We

usually take aid in a bag thrown overboard; eat and drink, then throw the bag back onto the



Historically $1000-$1600 per person to swim all 3 channels.  The final cost is determined once the total pool of swimmers has been determined.  All other costs are at the swimmers expense: These costs may include, but are not limited to, the costs of travel, hotel, food, feeds, medical care, and gear.  Certification of each swimmer’s successful channel crossing(s) comes at no additional cost.


For swimmers wanting to swim all 3 channels continuously please contact us for course advice, guidance, and more.  Suggested directions for the swim: Lanai to Maui, Maui to Molokai, Molokai to Lanai.



Steven Minaglia created ʻAu I Nā Mokupuni ʻEkolu Maui Nui Swim in 2017.  He has completed the event as a swimmer in every year the event has been run.


The best swim partner keeps you swimming despite all obstacles.  It is the person that leads you to think a lot less about yourself and a lot more about what is possible...